Founding Board of Directors


Jody Aschendorf – WFA Vice President Operations

Jody is a full time REALTOR with a passion for fitness.  A graduate with a business degree from the University of Cincinnati, she brings a wealth of knowledge from over 25 years of business and organizational experience.  A full time REALTOR for HHB Partners, Inc. for the last 7+ years, Jody focuses on complete client satisfaction through great communication and follow through.

An avid runner, Jody has completed 5 half marathons and multiple 5K and 10K events.  When running in straight line got boring, she participated in many endurance events, including Mudathlon, Tough Mudder and The Bourbon Chase.  Other fitness pursuits include spinning, pilates and boot camp.



Ali Sackenheim – WFA Legal Advisor

Attorney at Law

ACE-certified personal trainer, Coors Core Fitness, LLC

Ali participated in the Coors Core Fitness Academy, and passed the ACE certification examination in May, 2012. She worked with Lisa Coors at Coors Core Fitness in Anderson, Ohio, and enjoyed working with clients whose goals include weight loss, student athletics and other health considerations, including Parkinson ’s Disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and neuromuscular disorders.

Ali is also an attorney, and has been practicing law since 2003. Her prior experience includes civil litigation primarily in the areas of workers’ compensation and personal injury.  She currently works as General Counsel for a Delaware corporation.

Ali has achieved her own weight loss of 50 pounds, and has since participated in 3 full marathons, 3 half marathons and multiple 5, 10, 15 and 20k events, placing 1st and 2nd place female.


Ashley Varol – WFA Marketing Director

Ph.D. (in progress), Health Education, Worksite/Occupational Health and Wellness
M.Ed. Health Education, Community Health
B.S. Health Science, Sports & Biomechanics
ACE Master Trainer
ACE Personal Training / Group Fitness Certified
BOSU Master Trainer
YogaFit trained – nearly 200 RYT!

Ashley is the Assistant Director of Fitness & Wellness at the University of Cincinnati Campus Recreation Center.  She has worked as an adjunct professor at UC as well as at Xavier University, and enjoys teaching and presenting nationally on topics related to health and wellness.  Her passion is in mentoring new fitness professionals and helping to “pay it forward” with respect to educating the young members of the industry in how to be effective and aware of the impact they can make in the lives of others.