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10984303_871073072943357_9096252194122430199_nWelcome to the Women’s Fitness Association!

Our Mission Statement:

The Women’s Fitness Association (WFA) is an inspirational group of fitness professionals and avid exercisers who share in their knowledge of fitness by giving back to the Greater Cincinnati Community. The WFA partners with other non-profits in the community to supply presenters and teachers to these organizations. These individuals share their knowledge with at-risk and under-privileged women to inspire them to make positive changes in their life.

Our Vision5

The WFA will establish numerous chapters across the country to share the knowledge of the fitness professionals and avid exercisers in their communities with those women in need.

Our Story:

In 2006, several female national fitness presenters got together to discuss how women in the fitness industry could band together to increase the standards and ethics of the industry. It was noted that the standards of Corporate America were not the same as that of the fitness industry. Why was our industry so lax? What could we do to raise the bar?

WFA was founded in March of 2012. Its existence was ignited after a 21 year old group fitness instructor was sexually harassed for the clothing she was wearing to teach a class. The outfits normally consisted of tank tops and long pants.  Two different personal trainers were harassing her because of the way she dressed stating that, “when you dress like that you ask for it.” Not only was she being harassed, but other female employees of the gym were being treated with the same lack of respect.  When the incidents were reported to management, nothing was done to reprimand the trainers due to a “lack of evidence.”  In turn, the group fit8ness instructor quit her position at that facility.

A “shockwave” is coming for the fitness industry:
In the next decade, there is a strong chance that all personal trainers will have to be licensed by the state in which they train. Just like a physician must pass her state board exam, so will a personal trainer. Like it or not, we need to be prepared.  The WFA will be the powerhouse in providing women the skills they need to pass these exams while driving our profession to the highest of standards.


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